Little-known History Related to Female Ordination

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The Salt Lake Tribute hosted an online discussion between a few noble, capable Mormon women to discuss female ordination. There were two historical anecdotes that were referenced in the discussion, and because these two incidents are so unknown among Mormons, I wanted to highlight them here.

Sheri Dew Doesn’t Think Priesthood and Motherhood Are Parallels

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In an interview, Sheri Dew discusses her book on women and the priesthood and clarifies her views on the oft-made Priesthood/motherhood comparison.

Richard Bushman on the First Vision Accounts

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Richard Bushman, eminent LDS historian recently made an interesting comment comparing some of the accounts about Joseph Smith’s First Vision.

Lessons from Elder Lurch, Robert Kirby’s Missionary Dog

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Humor columnist Robert Kirby relates a hilarious anecdote about the big pet dog he kept as a missionary.

“We do not believe it just to mingle religious influence with civil government…”

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I have an interesting thought exercise for those complaining that U.S. District Judge Robert J. Shelby’s decision constitutes an act of judicial tyranny because he overruled the will of the majority.

The Finite Cannot Comprehend the Infinite

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A short account of Mormon painter Arnold Friberg’s dialogue with President McKay over his commission to paint illustrations for a number of Book of Mormon scenes.

How Not to Win the Hearts of Religious Folk

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This new atheist monument seems too much about settling scores and not enough about furthering the freedom of (non)religion and the cause of open discourse.

A Response to President Dalton

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Reassuringly, my concern with President Dalton’s recent address is not unique. It instantly set off a widespread flurry of blog posts from all around the Mormon corner of the Internet. Here’s mine.

Baby Blessings, Feminism, and Worldviews

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Mormon baby blessings are a wonderful ritual, but what does it mean if even a feminist like me overlooked simple and obvious ways to include my wife?

Finding Solace After the Newtown Tragedy

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As my wife and I wept while we watched the news coverage of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, I felt so frustrated that there probably wasn’t anything resembling an obvious or simple solution to this problem. I also felt deeply pained by the spiritual implications. One anecdote shared by a journalist that night made an […]