Mindy Smith: Clear-voiced Cantante

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This fall my wife and I hit Salt Lake City for a concert at The State Room. The main act was an artist we’ve both followed since her excellent debut album in 2004: Mindy Smith.

Good Music: Kathleen Edwards

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Her sunny disposition betrayed the melancholy nature of many of her songs. Perhaps there’s a paradox at play—a hidden sense of optimism even in songs about deteriorating relationships and misplaced trust.

Good Music: Dallas Green

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Dallas Green is a Canadian singer/songwriter that my wife introduced me to. Recently he’s been doing stuff under the alias City and Colour, he’s got an impressive acoustic sound.

A Song to Scope: Black Metallic

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Maybe some of you remember the song Black Metallic, released in the 90s by British alt rock group Catherine Wheel? Well, an indie shoegaze band called Hammock recorded an absolutely stunning cover.

Good Music: Anuhea

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Last winter when I got to visit Kaua’i and Maui with Emily, we listened to a lot of local radio. One of the artists that caught my ear was young Maui native Anuhea, whose smooth, sassy Island sound fit the feeling of trekking across Hawai’i perfectly.