The Terrible Toll of a Low-Information Society

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We went from the Information Age to the Misinformation Age some time ago, and it’s apparent that hoards of people have no substantive sense of how to distinguish which pieces of information are credible from those that aren’t.

Is Science Always Subject to Revision?

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Isaac Asimov addresses a misconception of what it means that scientific knowledge is always subject to revision.

What Research Shows About How Selfish We Are

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Free market capitalism often assumes a high degree of selfishness, and competing systems, such as socialism, often assume a degree of cooperation. But what does the research show?

Moses Never Encountered Another Primate

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Yet another snippet from primatologist Frans de Waal’s book, in which he offers an interesting hypothesis about why some religious traditions struggle with the theory of evolution.

The Difference Between Science and Religion Isn’t the Individuals

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Primatologist Frans de Waal considers whether there are any substantive behavioral differences in the way of thinking between religious people and scientists, ultimately rejecting any such claim. He reasons that no individual is exempt from cognitive biases, and that the true significant differences between the theories of religion and science stem from the culture and […]

Learning How to Decipher Real Science from Pseudo-science

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On matters of science, there are certain hot topics that get debated all the time. How am I to know who’s right? I’m not a scientist, after all, and it seems hard to tell which side, if any, has the credible arguments.

Don’t You Dare Bury Me

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When I die, I’ve often thought that I’d love to be involved in a grand display of some kind. We spend so much money on funerals, so why do they have to be so boring and uninventive? With that much money, I’d hope for something unique and spectacular. But isn’t that ultimately a waste?

An Open Letter to Al Gore

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I want to thank you for your efforts over the last several years to draw attention to a pressing problem that’s facing our planet: global warming. Your time, your campaigning, your organizing, I think it has been honorable. However, that’s not the purpose for this letter. I’m concerned that you’re the de facto spokesman for […]

Romney and Huntsman Get Science

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I ran across some encouraging news today: presidential candidate Mitt Romney and likely presidential candidate Jon Huntsman both accept the science on global warming.