John Turner Explains Why He Thinks Brigham Young Had Followers Despite His Flaws

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Historian John Turner, author of a recent biography on Brigham Young, answers the question, “With all his flaws, why was this Brigham Young revered and/or looked up to as a prophet?”

Little-known History Related to Female Ordination

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The Salt Lake Tribute hosted an online discussion between a few noble, capable Mormon women to discuss female ordination. There were two historical anecdotes that were referenced in the discussion, and because these two incidents are so unknown among Mormons, I wanted to highlight them here.

Richard Bushman on the First Vision Accounts

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Richard Bushman, eminent LDS historian recently made an interesting comment comparing some of the accounts about Joseph Smith’s First Vision.

Greg Prince on Evolution and Diversity of Mormon Thought

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The following is a transcript I typed of a speech Greg Prince made at a Mormon Stories conference in Washington D.C. in October 2011. This is the first segment, in which Prince gives the audience a whirlwind tour through the highlights of changes in Mormon doctrine throughout its history.

Greg Prince on Dealing with Tough Religious Issues and Appreciating Other Faiths

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The following is a partial transcript of a Mormon Stories podcast interview with Greg Prince, whom I find absolutely fascinating. At this point in the conference, the interviewer, in front of an audience very well educated in all the most problematic areas of the history of the LDS Church, poses what is¬†unarguably¬†a very difficult question: […]