Why the Opening Prayer of the General Women’s Session Was Historical

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In the General Women’s Session this fall, Sister Dorah Mkhabela of Soweto, South Africa gave the opening prayer. Many Mormons have noted the historical importance of watching the first woman of African descent to give a prayer in a conference session.

Virginia Woolf: Had Shakespeare Had a Sister…

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An excerpt from Virginia Woolf’s feminist classic “A Room of One’s Own”, in which she imagines what it would have been like if William Shakespeare had an equally gifted sister.

Little-known History Related to Female Ordination

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The Salt Lake Tribute hosted an online discussion between a few noble, capable Mormon women to discuss female ordination. There were two historical anecdotes that were referenced in the discussion, and because these two incidents are so unknown among Mormons, I wanted to highlight them here.

A Response to President Dalton

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Reassuringly, my concern with President Dalton’s recent address is not unique. It instantly set off a widespread flurry of blog posts from all around the Mormon corner of the Internet. Here’s mine.

Baby Blessings, Feminism, and Worldviews

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Mormon baby blessings are a wonderful ritual, but what does it mean if even a feminist like me overlooked simple and obvious ways to include my wife?

Greg Prince – My Journey

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The following is a transcript I typed of a speech Greg Prince made at a Mormon Stories conference in Washington D.C. in October 2011. This is the second segment, in which Prince gives the audience a brief overview of his own faith journey.

Women’s Roles and the New Testament

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The following is taken verbatim from Misquoting Jesus by Bart Ehrman. Dr. Ehrman is a renowned New Testament scholar who has written multiple New York Times bestselling books on the topic. In this particular segment, Ehrman is discussing how the social context (in this case, the role of women in early Christian cultures) influenced the […]

Brigham Young the Feminist?

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Did you know that Brigham Young was a feminist? Ok, he probably wasn’t really, at least not by today’s standards. But I ran across a very interesting statement he made.