Jon Huntsman, Sr: Tithing Isn’t a Charitable Donation

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After reading some recent debates in online Mormon forums about whether paying tithing should count as giving to charity and/or count in surveys about charitable giving, I encountered an interesting statement from Utah billionaire Jon Hunstman, Sr (he’s the father of the Jon Huntsman who ran for president in 2008). He weighed in: They require […]

Romney and Huntsman Get Science

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I ran across some encouraging news today: presidential candidate Mitt Romney and likely presidential candidate Jon Huntsman both accept the science on global warming.

Defending Jon Huntman’s “Heresy”

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So I’m seeing potential 2012 presidential candidate Jon Huntsman take a lot of heat lately about his particular religious views. You might at first think I meant to say Mitt Romney, and that I meant 2008. Nope. In fact, that’s the ironic thing about it: many of the same people I see now assailing Huntsman […]