Leveling Up – A Priesthood Analogy for Deacons

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Comparing priesthood ordination with “leveling up” a character in a video game is a fun little way to frame priesthood ordination for incoming deacons.

Playing the “Sacred” Card

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The LDS Church PR department has played the “sacred” card in response to Ordain Women. Does this move unintentionally reveal their hand?

Little-known History Related to Female Ordination

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The Salt Lake Tribute hosted an online discussion between a few noble, capable Mormon women to discuss female ordination. There were two historical anecdotes that were referenced in the discussion, and because these two incidents are so unknown among Mormons, I wanted to highlight them here.

Sheri Dew Doesn’t Think Priesthood and Motherhood Are Parallels

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In an interview, Sheri Dew discusses her book on women and the priesthood and clarifies her views on the oft-made Priesthood/motherhood comparison.

Greg Prince – My Journey

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The following is a transcript I typed of a speech Greg Prince made at a Mormon Stories conference in Washington D.C. in October 2011. This is the second segment, in which Prince gives the audience a brief overview of his own faith journey.