John Turner Explains Why He Thinks Brigham Young Had Followers Despite His Flaws

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Historian John Turner, author of a recent biography on Brigham Young, answers the question, “With all his flaws, why was this Brigham Young revered and/or looked up to as a prophet?”

Finding Solace in Poetry

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Could it be that I, of all people, have acquired an appreciation for poetry? Maybe. Maybe a little. Not for impenetrable poetry perhaps, but for poetry that’s nothing but words artfully arranged and meaningful. Lately, I’ve encountered two poems that really help me feel better about life.

Appreciation for Uchtdorf

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In the LDS Worldwide Leadership Training Meeting held earlier this month, a statement made by President Uchtdorf of the First Presidency drew a lot of attention in my religious circles. Thank God for men like him who remind us that our whole faith tradition is based on questioning, and that the scriptures and history are […]