Why the Opening Prayer of the General Women’s Session Was Historical

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In the General Women’s Session this fall, Sister Dorah Mkhabela of Soweto, South Africa gave the opening prayer. Many Mormons have noted the historical importance of watching the first woman of African descent to give a prayer in a conference session.

The Proverbial Elephant, Non-overlapping Magisteria, and Gifts of the Spirit

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I can’t help but laugh at the ridiculous title of this post, but I swear to you that I tie all the ideas together.

Let’s Enlarge the Tent of Zion

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The following is pulled from a talk given by the President of the Oakland Stake in California in Fall 2010, as reported by Carol Lynn Pearson, a member of that stake, in a talk she gave in the recent Mormon Stories Conference entitled “No More Us Vs. Them”. Our purpose is to enlarge the tent […]