The Legalization of Gay Marriage: An Opportunity to Reinvent Ourselves

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This Supreme Court ruling is a gift. It’s a chance for us to change our strategy and direction.

Illegal Immigrants: Gambling on the Goodness of Americans

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Now that a couple of states have signed into law their notoriously strident anti-immigration legislation, we’re starting to see the fruits of such labors. And what a heartwarming story it is. Unintended consequences are stacking up, and we’re hearing legislators admit they may have “overlooked” the collateral damage of certain provisions. But didn’t these illegal […]

Greg Prince on Dealing with Tough Religious Issues and Appreciating Other Faiths

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The following is a partial transcript of a Mormon Stories podcast interview with Greg Prince, whom I find absolutely fascinating. At this point in the conference, the interviewer, in front of an audience very well educated in all the most problematic areas of the history of the LDS Church, poses what is¬†unarguably¬†a very difficult question: […]