2 Comments to “Defending Jon Huntman’s “Heresy””

  1. Susanne Holland Spicker

    May 14th, 2011

    Like a lot of local and national political dialogue, I think Hunstman’s religious views is “Much ado about nothing.” I am a fan of both Huntsman and Romney–if either should run and make the primary, I would seriously consider voting for either. I think both are honorable, decent men with some good experience and background–putting all religion aside (which it should be,in my opinion). But, I’m not going to get all hot and bothered by it–I just ignore alot of it.

  2. Hillary

    Jun 20th, 2011

    “If Huntsman were truly a sell-out, he’d be trying to pass himself off as either a completely devout, pious Mormon, or as some sort of generic Christian believer.”

    Exactly! I find it much easier to find a nuanced believer, well, believable. People like to deal in terms of black and white in politics and religion, but reality is never that simple. That’s why he feels more genuine to me. If he wanted to take the sell-out path, he’d take a clearer, more easily defined position.

    I liked him as a Governor as well. I like that he’s moderate. And I think if he were the republican candidate, he’d pose a much greater challenge to Obama than most of the republican field.

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