3 Comments to “A Delicate Dialogue: Henry Eyring and Joseph Fielding Smith”

  1. Noah | Mormon Iconoclast

    Mar 6th, 2013

    […] Mormon Scientist, describes a remarkable man, a man of faith and a brilliant man of science.  This blog post describes his disagreement with President Smith, and their mutually respectful exchange of views on […]

  2. Ron McHan

    May 24th, 2014

    Perhaps the most important point made during this argument between two highly regarded, intelligent men is the very fact that they accomplished an exchange of ideas and ended the interchange in a polite way. Neither opinion seemed to be swayed from their respective original positions of the “creation” matter, but they concluded their arguments with loving expressions of mutual respect regardless their continued disagreement. They artfully demonstrated that discussing contradictory positions on any given matter can be healthy when the hub of the wheel driving that exploration is centered in the love of our Creator who will make reality known to us when we are ready for it. Which side of the veil that happens on is His business. We are a lucky bunch of His children.

  3. John Zimmerman

    Apr 14th, 2019

    It appears to me that Eyring had a bit too much faith in science while Smith had a bit too much faith in the scriptures as a source for scientific knowledge.

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