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  1. […] theology as part of his remarks to the Washington D.C. Mormon Stories Conference (as transcribed at this site): Mormonism currently is a church that has never systematized its theology and indeed now teaches […]

  2. […] stumbled across a Greg Prince talk giving a nice overview of Mormon thought in the past and present. It's not an approach one […]

  3. […] Rather than pursuing such a course, the Church has Instead perpetuated certain rules that are thought to be infallible despite the fact that there may be overwhelming evidence against them.  Rules such as the current mangled-up version of the Word of Wisdom, which is unrecognizably different from D&C 89.  Abstinence before marriage may be healthy, but instead we are teaching that if a mistake is made and our powerful instincts get the better of us we are irreparably damaged.  These and many other teachings and practices may have been well-intentioned at first, but they have since grown into dogma that the Church would rather stubbornly protect despite the immense collateral damage done by doing so, rather than simply accepting that some rethinking would be the smart thing to do.  This is cherry-picking.  Certain parts of the Bible, of other scripture, and even of early Church leaders are accepted and promoted today because they conveniently fit into the mold that leaders have created.  The rest is ignored.  We are taught to apply the scriptures to ourselves, which means that we should consider each verse and what it truly means when applied to our current state.  Instead, we cherry-pick, often paying a hefty price and losing many of our best by doing so (see this link). […]

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