2 Comments to “She’s Here!”

  1. Jenn

    Oct 9th, 2012

    K, I know I’m a random internet stranger who blurks on your blog but I can’t not comment on this one. Congratulations, she’s beautiful! And so much hair! Enjoy those first few weeks- there is nothing else like it. They generally start to “wake up” more and be a bit higher-maintenance around week 3.

  2. N8 and JME Vberg

    Oct 12th, 2012

    She is beautiful, Pev. Congratulations! It is such a fun adventure. Ours is about four months and it is still pretty dreamlike most of the time. It is also quite the learning experience but thankfully babies are pretty resilient and can handle a lot of the things new parents do wrong as we learn how it all works. Hope you are okay with us following you on your website. It was nice to find you on here and see your good news.

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